As a professional print designer and the founder of the JonneyFresh brand, I’ve met a lot of designers who have had poor experiences working in the field they once loved. I came to realize that the problems these people were having were a lack of skills and an inability to keep up with tight deadlines in a fast-paced business environment.

Regardless of the art school, you came from, there is virtually nothing that can prepare you for the challenges of being a graphic print designer.  Designing is somewhat like a sport, it’s very competitive and takes consistent practice to become better.

With this in mind, I plunged into the graphic design industry to share my creative vision and wealth of experience on what helped me to be an outstanding designer. Getting started in the design industry is not an easy task, especially if you do not have a mentor or someone who can lead you in the right direction.

The goal of creating and developing this cutting-edge website is to act as a mentor, leader, and teacher for graphic print designers. I will help guide you in the right direction as an artist, enhance your creativity and, most importantly, teach you techniques that will allow you to take on any project. Welcome to JonneyFresh!


JONNEYFRESH is an inspired art website for passionate Graphic print designers who are looking to establish themselves as professionals in no time. This website is open to the public and is updated frequently with new arts to help fuel your blooming passion. With JonneyFresh, you’d be inspired to come up with fresh ideas that will make designing fun and easy when working on your next project. Feel free to use the JonneyFresh concepts by making them your own creative concepts.

Want More?

I have “Group” and “One-on-One” Skype sessions for anyone who wants to empower their creativity. If you’re a designer that wants to improve your skills, have plans on becoming a professional designer or just want to have the ability to create really cool designs, JonneyFresh’s Skype sessions are for you.

JonneyFresh’s Skype sessions contain amazing techniques you cannot find anywhere else on the internet or taught in schools. These sessions cover a great deal of information, all leading to your success as a professional print designer. You will learn how to make your own images, clip art, textures, the power of color and so much more! It’s a no-brainer! Sign up today!

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