The benefits of music have long been known. Athletes and gym-rats use upbeat tracks to push themselves to the limit, for instance.Music is also employed in the therapeutic treatment of mental illness, it helps babies develop their skills, and inspires many a great human achievement.

This is far from being all that music can do. According to researchers in the Netherlands and Australia, a happy soundtrack could also boost your creativity, stimulating your brain's ability to come up with original ideas. Want to know more? One of the project's co-creators,Dr. Sam Ferguson, just discussed his group's findings with the Huffington's Post!


Tired of rifling through LinkedIn pages and local ads to find a job? Do you also happen to be a naturally creative person who loves to produce unique art? If the answer to both of those questions was yes, It might be a good time to squeeze these two things together and turn your abilities into a solid business.

In the last few years, creative entrepreneurs have conquered a major part of the global market. Starting your activity is simple and can be achieved in 5 easy steps. Are you ready to begin? Then let the Entrepreneur's Anna James guide you with this article!